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Food in Bangkok..

Thailand is well-known for its tasty food. Trying something new which we never eaten before is the most enjoyable experience in Bangkok. I like to try various local food that sell at roadside. It is cheaper and delicious compare to those in restaurant or food court. The street vendor has a solid reputation for its cleanliness and it really convince me to buy their food..You can see the roadside vendor is equipped with hat and glove during their food preparation.

Fresh and big strawberry - RM5 /pckt
The durian is rather expensive..dont dare to try..

Bangkok "kampua" noodles from one of the busy street stall- RM 3.00

The street vendor is operating the stall in front of the giant shopping mall, Central World. Clean and hygienic.

grilled sotong over charcoal-RM2.00 per stick

Pan-fried, seasoned insects, such as grasshoppers, and cockroaches, are popular snacks in Bangkok...still dunno how it taste as I don't dare to try this....

fried rice with olive --RM4.50 food court at Central World shopping mall.

Bangkok's chicken curry rice -RM4.50

Tom Yam with seafood at China Town - delicious and aromatic water-based soup—flavored with fish sauce, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and vegetables.

Drinking local orange juice to ensure we stay refreshed in Bangkok's boiling heat. Vendors often have stacks of different local juice lining the booth and you can easily spot them a mile away.

The iced fresh fruit sold by the street vendors is brilliant fresh. I always grab them as light meal when I am walking around in the heat. RM2.00 per pckt.

It is suppose to be gald to win the grand prize of lucky draw in any event or function that you attend. I was so lucky that I got it during the GALA dinner organised by my company. The dinner was held at newly commenced multi purpose design building, known as Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. It is quite dissapointing when I realised that the company invest huge amount of money in this event and yet spend so little in the lucky draw prize.

Grand prize of the night - Air Asia return ticket to KL for two persons ( no luggage check in provided) and 2 nights stay at NOVA hotel worth RM125 per night.

Second prize - Blackberry worth RMxxxx

Which prize worth more? just wondering..

Nevertheless, I have to be thankful for the free ticket though it is far under my expectation.
The advantage is that I have chance to plan a trip to bangkok since I got the free ticket to KL. or else it might cost me a pretty penny to spend on the air ticket...

( I just discovered that the grand prize of the GALA dinner is fully sponsored by Travel agent, no budget is given by

I can observe that there has been an alarming rise of the turn over rate in my company during this economic recession period. It is a hard time for the company especially when it failed to hold the quality employees.

Leader with appropriate mindset will recognise people as an essential asset to a company. Therefore, investing money in people should not be treated as an expenditure, which need to be kept to the minimum amount necessary. When employees are force to take unpaid leaves as a measure to cut cost, increased workload has arisen because of restructuring, downsizing, increased responsibilities etc.

Most importantly, contribution by staff should be recognised through attractive compensation to avoid staff dissatisfaction and high burnout rates . Afterall, good benefits plan encouraged people to work harder and perform better in a company.

I hope those leaders in my company can plan something to investigate the reason of high turnover and resolve human resource management related issue. Effort should be taken to provide opportunity for people in an organization to maximize his/her contribution.

Financial education..

It was my payday last friday and I feel painful when I see the hard earned money direct debited to settle for mortgage loan and other monthly commited expenses such as insurance coverage. It is normal for ordianary people like me who barely survive with the current salary to take a part time job. One of the undeniable reason is to earn a little extra to accumulate capital for investment. Despite the economic crisis, it is a good time to invest in financial education now as it acquire skills to generate handsome amount of passive income. I am willing to pay the price to make sure I achieve my own finanicial goal. There are many good persoanl finance books in the markets which is worth reading but I am still seeking for one that can help me to become a well-rounded person, develop skills that will indirectly aid my personal finances as I know wealth is about more than money alone.

Please recommend and share with me if you have read any good persoanl finance book.

It's Amazing....

I like this quote by Harry S. Truman.

I do admit that sometimes it is difficult for me to accept the fact that people take credit of my idea. More often than not, there are many brilliant idea flashed into our minds that we might assume it is not practical mainly due to lacking of resources to make it happen. If we are willing to give up the credit to others, then I believe we can let truly amazing things happen in life.

We do it by giving the credit of our accomplishment away...

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I have been suffering from a rare disease called physical ulticaria since April last year after my Phuket trip. Visited a couple of doctors and finally I got a referral to consult specialist. I was diagnosed with ulticaria by dermatologist from Kuching Specialist.

Physical urticaria is a skin condition that produces raised hives and rashes on the skin. It is miserable if I can't stop the itchiness when the red spot begins to develop on my skin. It will then spread to the entire body,including face and my mouth (in a more serious case) when I scratched it..==> just to feel relief. According to specialist, these symptons appear as a result of friction or pressure applied to the skin.

I feel depressed initially when I know there is no cure for this disease. However, the condition can be controlled somewhat in many cases. I've been prescribed antihistamines for temporary treatment if it is getting out of my control..

There are many different types of antihistamine that you can get at the pharmacy. The one that recommended by specialist is Xyzal, which claims to have negligible side effect. I just wonder if I am going to take this medicine for the rest of my life.. :<

Reading other people's experience from some website, I might perhaps consider treatment with homeopathy or acupuncture. I am still thankful that this disease is not life threating despite the unbearable itchiness which affects me emotionally.

Research - Headache!

I was spending the whole afternoon to explore the topic that I planned for master research. I believe that it is important to undertake research which holds great promise for potential industry in Malaysia. After one to two weeks of literature review, I decided to involve in research related to waste converstion. Converting Palm oil mill effluent and empty fruit bunches into fertiliser are among the areas of my interest. Apparently, I got to work out with a brief proposal providing details of my intended studies before I am eligible to apply for scholarship from university..It is time to rough out a schedule on my proposal to save major headache later on especially when I am scrambling to finish...Jia you lo..